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Tackle The Winter Funk

It's cold, it's dark, life is far from normal (whatever "normal" is?!) and you're in a funk.

You don't always know why you're down in the dumps and the easiest option seems to be to grab the nearest chocolate bar, but funks thrive on sugar and boredom. Let's take control and show it who's boss!

Start Your Day On The Right Foot... Literally!

As soon as you get out of bed, have a good stretch. Preparing your body, matter what your plans are, will get you in a healthy headspace to continue with your day in positivity. Try a couple of easy stretches to allow every part of yourself to wake up. Take a deep breath. Then go about your day.

Make a wake up drink - not just for when you first get up!

  1. Stick the kettle on as soon as you get downstairs and allow the water to cool for a while (ideally just above room temperature)

  2. Roll a lemon on your counter top to wake up the juices!

  3. Grab your favourite mug

  4. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice into the mug before adding water and a dollop of locally sourced honey, if you fancy!

There are so many benefits to this drink of a morning. It wakes up your digestive system, reduces inflammation, and the vitamin C boosts your immune system and can help clear your skin (maskne anyone?!). Locally sourced honey is a brilliant optional extra for a boost of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory goodness.

Set Achievable Goals

It may sound like a bit of a fad or maybe a waste of time, but don’t underestimate the power writing your intentions down on paper has. Did you know you are more likely to be productive if you make a list? Read THIS POST for more info and download our FREE daily and weekly planners to make your life that liiiitle bit easier.

Obviously there are a lot more things you can do to get yourself motivated and feeling good. You'll find more tips if you look around this site. But allow yourself to stick to these three fail proof steps and you're on the right track to beat the winter blues!

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