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Make Mother's Day Special, Even If You're Apart

Mother's Day may look very different this year to previous years, well maybe not too different from 2020! But don't despair! We have a list of ways you can still celebrate your Mum even if you're not able to be physically together at the moment.

Watch a Movie Together

Really?! YES! A free platform called TELEPARTY allows you to sync up whatever you're watching on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu or HBO and add on a group chat facility. So it may not be the same as a trip to the cinema, but make sure you both have a tub of popcorn, settle in and enjoy some feel good viewing!

Arrange a Food Delivery

Afternoon tea at home can still feel special. Many independent businesses are delivering food at the moment so why not treat your Mum to lunch - also a great way to support local businesses.

Pop Down to The Bingo!

Not literally, but you can play it online! Completely free for up to 10 players (just for fun, no gambling here!) https://myfreebingocards.com/virtual-bingo

Cocktail ZOOM Masterclass

Get your shakers ready and log into zoom for a cocktail masterclass! Have a bit of fun over video chat and make some cocktails. If you're stuck for inspiration, check out out Holly Jolly Wednesday Christmas cocktail posts!

Give Mum a Call

At the end of the day, all that matters is that our Mum's know they're being thought of. Give her a call, tell her you love and appreciate her and I'm sure it will make her day!

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