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Organise Your Life - Using A Daily / Weekly Planner!

It may sound like a bit of a fad or maybe a waste of time, but don’t underestimate the power writing your intentions down on paper has.

The problem with trying to get organised in our mind and keeping to a schedule in your head is that it’s easy to miss things or forget something important. Tracking the more simple daily tasks and activities frees up your headspace to allow you to be more present in the moment and not be preoccupied trying to think of what is next on the mental “to do list”.

We have created a FREE downloadable DAILY PLANNER as well as a WEEKLY PLANNER (including some positive notes) to help you feel organised and reduce daily stress. Don’t feel pressure to complete each section, just do what applies to you. These planners are designed to be used daily or as and when you need it - no pressure (that’s the whole idea!).

Enjoy your planning and we would love to know how you get on with it. Keep in touch on our Facebook page or pop your progress in a comment on this post!

Daily Planner
Download PDF • 2.26MB

Weekly Planner
Download PDF • 13.94MB

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