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Easy Pizza Rolls

One for the whole family!

Love pizza? Want a easy, cheap and tasty recipe the whole family will love? Read below!

If lockdown taught me one thing, being a mother of two, it was to make sure I had at least 502518 snacks each day to give out!!!

But I found that food was getting repetitive and my 4 year old son was starting to play up at meal times (boredom I think!). So, I started getting him involved in making pizzas with me! We did the traditional round ones, pitta pizza pockets,

cauliflower bases... we did it all! But the ultimate winner amongst all of us, are these pizza rolls!


  • Ready to roll pizza dough - available at most supermarkets, costing around £1-£2

  • Any tomato based sauce - we've used sun-dried tomato pesto, pasta sauce, and even tomato ketchup!

  • Cheese - whatever you fancy or whatever is in the cupboard

  • anything else you want to throw in! Herbs, cooked meats, veggies etc.


  1. Pre-heat your oven following the instructions on the dough packet (I have a fan oven that I tend to stick around 180/190 for everything!)

  2. Unroll your pizza dough. You may want to stretch it out a bit as the thinner the better.

  3. Layer sauce and toppings

  4. cut into 2inch strips

  5. roll each strip up

  6. place pizza rolls onto a baking try (preferably onto a baking sheet), you can choose to space them out for a crunchier outside or make sure they're touching each other for tear and share style

  7. Stick them in the oven and check after 10mins, if they are still looking pale, pop back in for a few mins until parts are golden.

  8. They will be very hot! So resist tucking in for a few minutes and then enjoy!

My son loves ones with ketchup, cheese and a few hidden veggies. For my baby girl, I use a baby food pouch or blend up a meal for her to use as the sauce. My favourite is 3 cheese! Boursin, cheddar and mozzarella.

It really is an easy, family friendly and cheap recipe that you can either make use of whatever is left in your cupboard or get a bit fancy with!

Try them with a cheese or BBQ dip, or even make sweet ones with chocolate spread! You can't go wrong!

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