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Is there any better way to get in the festive spirit than decorating?! Christmas is an expensive time of year for us all, why not get a bit crafty this year and make your own wreath and garlands! It couldn't be easier, Marnie of One Big One Small has a great step-by-step to follow...

I love to forage in winter, there are so many treasures to be found. I usually wait till we have had a few windy days, the wind blows down/breaks branches making it easier to forage without taking from a tree. I found a load of pine branches a couple of weeks ago which were perfect for making my Christmas decorations. I gathered up some pine cones and I have Eucalyptus growing in the garden so I gave that a trim to add some contrast. I like using different shades and textures. Want to know how to easily make your own? Well it’s really easy.

What you will need:

Variety of foraged branches/tree cuttings Pruning shears Garden ties Metal coat hanger/hoop String Pine cones (optional)

How to make a wreath

Reshape your wire coat hanger (if that is what you are using) and turn it into a circle.

Once you are happy with your circle decide which branch cuttings to use. I often start by placing them in a circle away from the hoop and when I am happy with how the base shape looks I begin to tie each cutting to the hoop one at a time. For this I use green garden ties, you can find these at any garden centre, they are great as they can be reused over and over again. If you don’t have garden ties, string will work instead.

Once all the hoop is covered, I then start to think about adding contrast, for the one pictured I used Eucalyptus and Hemlock.

Then finished it off with the pine cones.

You could also add fairy lights, berries and you could hang bells, a bow or baubles from it. That is what is so great about making your own, you can do it however you want and they really are so easy to make. I decided to keep this one minimal but I did make one for my daughters bedroom which had berries in.

Tie a bit of string around the top of your wreath and then you can hang it up and enjoy it for the rest of the season.


For garlands I usually make them where they are to hang. Position and tie as I go along, it’s much easier than fastening a big long heavy garland up on your own. I make them using the same materials as the wreaths, garden ties and string are all you need to fix together your cuttings. I didn’t need to add pine cones to the one on my fireplace this year as the branches I found already had them attached. I did however add fairy lights. It looks so pretty when it is dark outside and all the lights are flickering indoors making us feel really cosy. Again you can make these however you like.

Where to hang garlands: Fireplace Around the banister Above your windows Around door frames Over mirrors Above arch ways

Anywhere you like really. Everywhere!! haha

All of my garlands I take apart again after Christmas, keep the pine cones, lights etc for next year and I use the branches for firewood.

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