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DIY Eco-Glitter

Running out of ideas of things to keep the kids occupied? Sick of glitter getting literally everywhere? Marnie of One Big One Small has a solution, read on to find out more...

Okay it's no secret, I HATE glitter. Even before I considered the environmental impact of the stuff I hated it. It gets everywhere, it's a nightmare to clean up, I just cannot cope with it. But then along comes an incredibly girly daughter who LOVES anything glittery and suddenly I am doomed for all eternity.

Although it seems like a bit of harmless fun it actually has the same devastating effect on the environment as any other single use plastic, but it skips a few steps as it's already broken down into micro plastics. Of course glitter is made of plastic too, yet we are using glitter in the production of so many products. Makeup, nail polish, cards, wrapping paper, craft materials, paints, textiles and I have even seen glitter in shampoos and soaps which we are washing straight down our plug holes guys?! I mean come on! Ember however loves nothing more than making a huge mess with glitter and glue. Nothing makes her happier than gifting me a big old picture covered in sparkles and I hate being the one to take away all the fun. I had been buying her biodegradable glitter but at £1 per gram its so expensive when the majority ends up on the floor. Anyways here is my incredibly cheap solution (they are always cheap, I’m a huge fan of cheap).

Eco- glitter you can make yourself at home for pennies in about 20 mins. Bravo!!

What you will need: Sugar Food colouring Baking tray Baking paper rolling pin container to store your glitter in.

How to make it: 1. Add as many tbsp of sugar into a bowl as you wish 2. Add 8 drops of food colouring per tbsp sugar 3. Mix sugar and colouring together 4. Using a sheet of baking paper spread your glitter out on the tray 5. Bake for 10 mins at 150 degrees C 6. Lay another sheet of baking paper over the top of your sugar and roll over the top with a rolling pin to break it all up into fine crystals again. 7. Store your finished glitter in your container and enjoy endless crafts without a guilty conscience. Oh and did I mention it was edible so you can use it to decorate your home baked goodies too?

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